Blick Global Group is the parent company, which in 2019 acquired Wiget Group, a company that supplies data-driven marketing to its clients around the world, mainly within the e-commerce segment. Currently, Blick comprises one acquisition and the Group’s focus is to maximize and develop Wiget’s business over time.

In parallel, Blick is continuously evaluating prospective acquisitions and partnerships within e-commerce, a segment in which the employees of the Group have extensive experience from all parts of the industry. We are always on the lookout for new, talented entrepreneurs and potential partners who recognize the value of continuing their journey together with us.

There are numerous advantages to being invited to a broader context, such as the exposure and access to capital raising, sales and multidisciplinary expertise networks that follow from our stock exchange listing. While the entrepreneurs focus on their continued business development, Blick Global Group ensures the most favourable circumstances for success. This allows us to unburden and guide entrepreneurs who are busy getting their business off the ground, and sometimes to open doors to a global market for them.

Blick Global Group is headquartered in central Stockholm. The share is listed on Spotlight Stock Market.