Wiget Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary acquired in the summer of 2019. The purchase price was MSEK 46, which with full earnout could amount to MSEK 75 during 2020.

Wiget offers data-driven marketing to clients worldwide, mainly within the e-commerce segment. We contend that there is no other company in the world that is able to rival Wiget’s offer to its client segment, thanks to a combination of proprietary technology and the individuals behind the venture.

The pricing models that Wiget applies are based in part on performance and in part on clicks and impressions. This gives the company’s advertisers a lot of flexibility in how they pay, and at the same time allows Wiget to ensure the correct, risk-adjusted pricing model for each individual advertiser. For the performance-based clients, Wiget works with revenue share and CPA (Cost Per Action). Other advertisers are offered CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille/impressions). With the aid of correct data analysis and knowledge of the clients, the company is able to determine the most profitable pricing model over time for the company.

Wiget has a number of competitive advantages, but the following stand out in particular:


In display media, transparency can be a major issue. Advertisers are not always aware of what they are buying when they make programmatic media purchases. In addition, there is an uncertainty about what they really pay their different partners. With the help of Wiget, advertisers can increase the transparency of all media purchases that are made through Wiget’s platforms and achieve a better understanding of how to make the most of their budgets.


Today, many display networks are working on account of both their publishers and their advertisers. The result is that advertisers often are overpaying for the traffic they purchase, since the network that conveys the traffic want to keep the publishers happy as well.

Wiget’s focus, on the other hand, is solely on utilizing its technology to maximize the ROI of the advertisers. Advertisers that choose Wiget as their primary partner can hence be assured that their budgets never are used as a tool to help publishers meet their earnings targets.


Many media sellers today are using third party platforms of a very general nature, devoid of specialization. As Wiget has built its platforms specifically for e-commerce operators, e-commerce advertisers can streamline their campaigns by aggregating all their media purchases to Wiget. This entails that Wiget’s data analysis and functionality revolves entirely around the needs of e-commerce operators rather than the needs of advertisers in general.

Read more about Wiget here: https://wigetgroup.com