We build long-term value for shareholders by acquiring and developing entrepreneurial companies with high potential and level of uniqueness, primarily within e-commerce.

Good ideas require focus and knowledge to bring to achievement. Some of the most substantial obstacles to succeeding in business, for an entrepreneur, is when you are unable to put sufficient focus on the actual business operation. From an early stage, you are forced to make assessments of timetables and resource requirements and convince everyone around you that your idea really has merit and potential. All of this must be addressed before you have even proven yourself. Blick steps in early in the process, when the entrepreneur “only” has to convince on a small scale, to scale up operations as a subsequent step. We want you ā€“ the entrepreneur ā€“ to be able to continue to focus on your business. Together, we come to an agreement with regard to your needs and set off to reach the next milestone.

While this is my section, I still want to insert a quote that captures the essence of how everything is supposed to work here:

“Being a part of Blick Global Group gives us the opportunity to stay focused on our business. We gain access to a vast network of contacts worldwide, which helps us in our business as well as in the long-term building; we would struggle to find the time to focus on capital raising, specialist knowledge and strategic sounding boards otherwise ā€“ and we further find it appealing to participate in the long-term development of a strong Blick.” Soheil Amorpour, Founder and CEO of Wiget Group.

In addition to the purely commercial focus, we nurture a vision of having a really good time at work. That is easier said than done, but, as anyone with passion for their work would relate, the joy of performing and producing results is a force that can move mountains. If that sounds familiar, I look forward to hearing from you.

Erik Ahlberg
CEO, Blick Global Group