We build long-term shareholder value by acquiring and developing entrepreneurial companies with great potential and uniqueness, primarily in e-commerce.

Good ideas require focus and knowledge to realise. One of the biggest obstacles to the business's success is that entrepreneurs need to have the opportunity to focus sufficiently on the company itself. You must assess schedules, and resource needs early and convinces everyone around you that the idea has great potential. It would help if you did all this before you had time to prove yourself. Blick enters an early stage where the entrepreneur "only" needs to convince on a small scale to scale up the business in the next step. As an entrepreneur, we want you to continue focusing on your business. We agree on your needs and take you to the next milestone together.

In addition to the pure business focus, we also have a vision of having a lot of fun at work. This is easier said than done, but anyone passionate about their business knows that the joy of performing and seeing results can be overwhelming. If you feel addressed, I look forward to hearing from you.

Erik Ahlberg
CEO, Blick Global Group