Brand Legend

Brand Legend protects organic search traffic related to brands. We actively strengthen our clients' organic search rankings through SEO and "Content Sites". In short, the result is that your brand is given a higher relevance and, thus, a higher position in search results, making it difficult for competitors and marketing companies to rank higher.

Brand Legend protects its clients' organic search traffic related to its brands, specialising in SEO, content site development and design. Content page design is a customised service that improves the client's websites in search results. This is an important part of the client's strategic work with search engines.


Brand protection websites are customised according to brand guidelines and designed with content based on selected keywords. The technology has been developed over the last ten years under Internet Vikings to ensure client visibility. This is a turnkey option that provides the best possible results.


The business in 2021 had around 30 clients, mainly in the e-commerce sector, and is spread across four different geographical locations, with Malta being the central hub.

Wiget Group

On 4 August 2023, an extraordinary general meeting decided to divest parts of the company's assets. In this, the performance business has been retained. This business refers to customers where the company, through revenue sharing, receives part of the revenue generated by converted end customers. This is done according to a performance or affiliate agreement, where the company acts as a digital marketing partner.